Stone Crabs release 2014 schedule

Charlotte Stone CrabsThe Charlotte Stone Crabs team has released its official 2014 game schedule, with a set opening day of Thursday, April 3 against the Bradenton Marauders. Per the official news release, the team will play all Monday through Friday games at 6:30, with Saturday games featuring a 6:00 start time.

The first two months of the season will also feature 1:30 p.m. Sunday home game times, while June through August will see a more-familiar 5:00 first pitch. The Stone Crabs greatly shook up the time pattern with three 10 a.m. games slated for April 16 (Wednesday v. Fort Myers Miracle), May 6 (Tuesday v. St. Lucie Mets), and June 24 (Tuesday v. Fort Myers Miracle) and one noon match against the Jupiter Hammerheads on July 9.

A document containing the schedule can be found on this link, or by visiting


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