MLB Spring Training: Rays at Red Sox

The Rays battled to a 1-1 tie against the division rival Red Sox on Tuesday afternoon at City of Palms Park. Both teams scored their lone runs in the fourth inning and the game was declared a tie at the end of the ninth inning with no extra innings played.

Five Stone Crab alumni played in today’s game; Marquis Fleming, Jake Jefferies, Diogenes Luis, Greg Sexton and Michael Sheridan.

Fleming pitched a no-hit ninth inning with 1 strikeout.

Jefferies took over at catcher in the eighth inning and did not have a plate appearance.

Luis was 0 for 1 after taking over shortstop in the eighth inning.

Sexton took over third base in the eighth innings and was 0 for 1 at the plate.

Sheridan was 1 for 1 on the afternoon.

The Rays (14-14-2) have their final exhibition of the spring on Wednesday afternoon at the Trop against the Blue Jays (16-13)

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